About Inframara

About us

Inframara is here to help as your trusted partner. By collaborating early with key parties and stakeholders, we identify and structure the best solution for your project.

Once your project is underway, Inframara is committed to its success with continued support. Our team provides advice for infrastructure projects to owners, developers, contractors, lenders, and investors.


Inframara specializes in strategic planning and financing for crucial infrastructure projects. Our focus is on large, complex, or high-risk projects. Working together with our clients, our integrated team gains a thorough understanding of requirements, which facilitates innovation and cost savings.

With a global team of experienced partners, Inframara brings decades of international experience to the table, ensuring the success of your infrastructure project.

We believe that genuine early collaboration of competent parties for complex infrastructure projects will create more sustainable results for stakeholders.

Our vision

Kenneth Willems

Kenneth Willems is Managing Director at the consultancy firm Vuentica, acted as chairman of the PIANC working group on ECI and co-founded V-Rooms. Before Vuentica, he spent most of his career at DEME in various management roles across Europe, Middle East, and America before leading its risk management department.

He is an experienced infrastructure & enterprise risk management professional based in Belgium. He has a wide range of experience in early contractor involvement, project management, risk management and contract management.

David Kinlan

David is a contract specialist practising in the marine and civil engineering sector. David provides contract management services to clients by striking a balance to identify and de-risk projects.

David was a co-author of the PIANC Report 'A Framework for Early Contractor Involvement in Infrastructure Projects' and was involved in the early stages of the IADC Working Group on the Form of Contract for Dredging and Reclamation Works (Dredgers Contract; First Edition, 2006)

With 35 years of experience in procurement and contract management, David is able to assess the most appropriate procurement and contract strategy and provide solutions for any potential project.

Lukas Goemaere

Lukas is a senior finance professional. His international career spans over twenty years.  He has an extensive experience in working with large and complicated maritime construction projects as an executive of the DEME Group.  


He has acted as a director in many group companies, and he has been a partner representative in various joint ventures. He has successfully concluded fundraisings and M&A transactions. He is a specialist in financial modeling, concession, and non-recourse project financing.  


He holds a Master's in Finance from IE Business School and he has followed an MBA at Vlerick. He is able to get your project funded and manage all financial matters to deliver your project a successful outcome. 

Lieven Durt

Lieven Durt has more than 3 decades of engineering, tendering and management experience in the development and execution of dredging and marine infrastructure projects worldwide, with a particular focus on projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

He spent most of his career with the leading international marine and offshore contractor, DEME, where he was a member of the management team responsible for Africa, QHSES, Communications and Compliance. In 2017, he joined the management team of Rent-A-Port, a port and industrial land developer, where he was responsible for Africa and the Middle East.

His global experience helps projects and companies to identify country, cultural, contractual and execution risks at an early stage and to improve business processes to achieve operational excellence. He enjoys working with stakeholders in a collaborative way to build sustainable and long-term relationships.

Jasper Verstreepen

Jasper is an experienced Project Manager and Technical Director with extensive experience in managing international construction and development projects across five continents. 

He has a successful track record of delivering turn-key marine and civil engineering projects (from the design phase to the delivery phase) with strong expertise in emerging markets. During his career and leadership, he served on the contractor, investor, and consultant side of the business.

Experience all over the world

Our global network

Engineering knowledge

Innovation in engineering techniques need to be reality checked. Our network of engineering firms are acknowledged as leaders in their fields of expertise. 

For our specific sectors, we can rely on a unique global network of engineers who are specialists in their fields. 

Legal expertise

Collaborative contracting calls for specific legal expertise in relational rather than transactional contracts. We work with legal firms experienced in the sector to promote these contracts.

Cost management / benchmarking 

Working with a trusted group of estimators, quantity surveyors,cost consultants and industry specialists we have insider knowledge on project costs, budgets and planning.

Financing providers

We have contact with a large network of infrastructure lenders,multilateral organizations such as the World Bank, IDB/IADB and with ECA’s. Over the years, we have built a large network of financing providers who value our expertise and trust our capabilities in order provide the financing of your project.