Offshore Wind Supply Chain Services

Offshore Wind Supply Chain Services

The offshore wind industry is experiencing a period of transformation, yet it grapples with significant challenges within its supply chain. Some developers have had to make the difficult decision to cancel projects, bearing substantial financial losses.

Inflation rates are soaring, capital costs are on the rise, and the specter of increasing interest rates looms large, casting doubts on the financial viability of already-planned offshore wind ventures.

The path to project success is further obstructed by slow permitting processes, geopolitical unrest, import dependency for critical raw materials, the ever-expanding scale of wind turbines, and the lingering impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. These factors collectively render the offshore wind sector and its supply chain vulnerable.

The consequences of these challenges are far-reaching: Delays in offshore wind projects, often triggered by developer pullouts, raise valid concerns about the pace of the global energy transition and the strategic autonomy of nations.

At Inframara, we specialize in turning these challenges into opportunities. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to address the unique complexities of offshore wind supply chain optimization and port development. We ensure your projects not only weather these storms but thrive in the face of adversity, contributing to a sustainable energy future.

As pioneers in offshore wind since 2004, our team brings over two decades of  experience and expertise to your projects. With a proven track record and a deep understanding of the industry's ins and outs, we are your trusted partners for your offshore wind development, from inception to delivery. Whether it's strategic advice, financial close, operational excellence, or transforming ports for the offshore wind industry, we provide tailored solutions to ensure your success. Partner with us to harness the winning factors that developers seek, optimize your profitability, and secure your place in the future of offshore wind energy.

Our solutions

For Offshore Wind Port-of-Calls and Fabrication Hubs

  • Are your Port assets a fit for the offshore wind sector?

  • Identify the best use for a port in servicing the wind generation industry and to come up with estimated cost of repurposing the marine terminal to service largescale offshore wind farms.

  • Operational Excellence & Readiness: bringing it to the level required for OSW

  • Negotiation support with developers & EPCI contractors
    Infrastructure assessments: conceptual layouts, design oversight, construction schedules, dredging assessment and opinions of probable cost.

  • Economic analysis for sites: potential revenue streams, terminal activity (staging or fabrication), required capital expenditure to generate a return on investment.

  • Support for funding round: pitch & prospection development, leveraging industry network for investor outreach & matching

For Offshore Wind Supply Chain & Marine Logistics

  • Supplying to the offshore wind sector? How to make your services relevant & attractive to the developer?

  • What are developers looking for in their T&I providers? What is the winning factor?

  • Do your logistic assets fit in the offshore wind sector?

  • Support in contractual & commercial negotiations

  • Operational Excellence & Readiness: bringing it to the level required for OSW

  • Support in contractual & commercial negotiations

  • Hands-on risk management

  • Bidding Support : increasing your odds

  • Assistance with strategic partnerships and Joint-Venture setup

  • Sparring partner for technical due diligence.

For Renewable Energy Companies

  • Investing in the offshore wind sector?

  • Offer support in arranging long-term bank financing for large energy projects and construction of offshore wind farms under EPC(M) contracts.

  • Successful transactions include the financial structuring of the project. Advising on institutional and commercial financing sources which include subsidies, private equity funds, and (commercial) debt.

  • Lending, equipment leasing, government subsidies and other sources help develop offshore wind power.

  • Prepare the business case, the financial model and risk analysis.

  • Assessment of the investment attractiveness of the project.

  • Marketing the project to potential financiers.

  • Negotiate and financial close support.

  • Assist in the construction of the project and acquisition of high-value wind turbines, transformers, submarine cables and other wind power equipment.

Our services