Project Finance Advisory

Project Finance Advisory

We specialize in strategic planning and infrastructure finance for critical infrastructure projects.

We can manage all financial aspects of a project cycle.

If you are to procure or invest in Infrastructure or are looking to set up or bid for a long-term Infrastructure project type PPP / concession, we can help through the entire process cycle. Our strengths lie in our complementary team having the right skills ranging from engineering, contract management, risk management, and project finance advisory. We have the tools and experience in-house to develop the most complicated financial models. Our partners have obtained the field experience required to meet the challenges of your infrastructure project.

There's identified value in participating in a collaborative arrangement to drive innovative outcomes and knowledge transfer, and finance providers require a comprehensive detailed financial model that can only be developed through collaborative analysis and preparation.

The experts at Inframara have been leading the way in successfully delivering complex project finance advisory mandates and transactions in maritime construction and offshore wind projects. We offer comprehensive advice for every stage of your infrastructure project, from the initial idea and feasibility study to commercial and financial close. With Inframara, you can be confident in the success of your infrastructure project thanks to our outstanding financial services. 

Business Modelling, Optimisation & Valuation

Project Finance Pricing Modelling

Concession Finance Pricing Modelling

All-Round Support for Raising Funds

Drafting the Teaser and Information Memorandum for Raising Funds

Assistance in Finding Lenders and Investors

Negotiation and Financial Close Support

Legal Project Housekeeping

Project and Cross-Border Tax Structuring

Risk Allocation Analysis and Opportunity Management

Cashflow and Hedging Management of a Project

Joint Venture Project Management

Investor Relations