Contractor Selection in a Collaborative Delivery Model
Fact Finding Missions
Project Crisis Taskforce
Multidisciplinary Coaching of Teams and Executives
Concession Organizational Setup / Management
Bid Advisory

Audit on ECI Effectiveness
Setup of ECI / Alliance / IPD / …
ITT Review & Advisory
Partnership Setup
Financial Setup

Multidisciplinary Services

Contract Management


Main Contract Review

Procurement & Contract Selection

Client Capture Avoidance

Sustainability in Procurement Process

Intellectual Property

Sustainability Objectives into ITT & ER



Setup of Contract Management System

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Subcontract Review

Project / Process Management


Bank Due Dilligence and Compliance

ECI Feasibility Scan

Governance Setup

Risk Management Setup

ECI (services) Execution Plan

ECI Project Communication Plan


Foundations for ECI Budgeting

Setup for Knowlegde Sharing 

Common Data Environment

Partner Search and Joint Venture Structuring


Tax Structuring and Legal Compliance


Risk Management Sessions

Lessons Learned Reporting

Value Engineering Sessions

Joint Venture Representations and Management

Project Finance Advisory


Setup of Foundations for ECI Budgeting

Advisory on Project Financing Solutions

Setup of Project Finance and Concession Models

Advanced Financial Modelling (DFC)

Support for Raising Funds:

Drafting of the teaser and information memorandum

for potential lenders

Assistance in finding investors and lenders

Support with negotiations

Tax Structuring and Legal Compliance 

Bank Due Diligence

Currency, Inflations, Interest and other Purchase Cost Risk Mitigation


Cash Flow and Hedging Management

Work Budget Setup

Advisory on Actual Budget Control & Forecast Reporting

Cash Flow Management

Lender Reporting

Finance Process Improvement

Financial Committee Representation

Various Audit Preparations

Various Statutory/Lender/Tax Audit Preparations

Organizational Coaching


360° Team Assessments

Code of Conduct / Charter / Game Rules

Simulations / Roleplaying

Training: Relational Contracting -- Leading by Example


Project Start-Ups & Follow-Ups

Collaboration assessment

ECI teambuilding workshops

Risk Management


Design of O&R Management Framework 

Review of Proposed O&R Management Approach  

Employer’s Requirements on O&R Management  

Risk Brainstorming Sessions  

Opportunities & Value Engineering Interventions  

Peer Review Setup 


O&R Sessions  

Review of O&R Management  

Setup of Project Risk Management 

O&R Monitoring Setup    

Advisory on Setup of Risk Committees 

Fact-Finding Missions 

Commercial Management


Budgetary Principles in ECI Phase  

Advisory in Feasibility Studies  

Setup and Oversight of Contractor Cost Input  

Advisory in Risk Mitigation/Transfer Strategies 

Tailor Incentives and Risk-Sharing Mechanisms   


Implementing Commercial Contract Principles throughout the Supply Chain 

Setup Management of Change 

Setup Budget Monitoring  

Oversight Engineer 


Review & Assist in Drafting Employer’s Requirements 

Coordination of Gap Analysis  

Coordination of Site Investigation Setup 

Site Investigation Progress Monitoring & Reporting 

Value Engineering Follow-up and Monitoring  

Oversight Contractor’s Design & Engineering Work  

Monitoring Design & Engineering Progress   


Monitoring Design & Engineering Progress  

Value Engineering Follow-Up and Monitoring 

Setup & Coordination Interface Management    

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